Flower Festival: Vision Factory Presents

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Flower Festival: Vision Factory Presents
FLOWER FESTIVAL album cover.jpg
Compilation album by Various Artists
Released March 19, 2008
Genre Pop, J-Pop
Length 51:44
Language Japanese
Label Sonic Groove

"Flower Festival: Vision Factory Presents" is a Vision Factory artists compilation album with a spring theme. The CD has warm pieces of music by artists who have matched their songs to the theme, the season of flowers. It was released on March 19, 2008 in CD format only.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Hiro - "サクラ" (Sakura)
  2. 三浦大知 (Daichi Miura) - "Special Story" 
  3. Fungo - "365日の花言葉" (365 Days - The Language of Flowers)
  4. コモリタミノル (Minoru Comorita) - "愛のダリア" (Love Dahlia)
  5. 高橋メアリージュン (Maryjun) - "White Velvet"
  6. 太田基裕・佐藤雷寿太 (Oota Motohiro & Satou Rasuta) - "ヒヤシンス" (Hyacinth)
  7. 大田クルー (Ota) - "松雪草~スノードロップ~"
  8. Olivia Lufkin - "Bleeding Heart"
  9. 樋井明日香 (Asuka Hinoi) - "睡蓮" (Water Lily)
  10. 知念里奈 (Rina Chinen) with Vanilla Mood - "向日葵" (Sunflower)
  11. Lead - "Dear My Flower"

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