Floyd Zaiger

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Floyd Zaiger
Born 1926 (1926)
Residence Modesto, California, United States
Fields Biology, pomology, fruit hybridizing
Institutions Zaiger's Genetics
Alma mater UC Davis

Chris "Floyd" Zaiger (born 1926) is a biologist who is noted for his work in fruit breeding and hybrid development, particularly of stone fruit. Zaiger founded Zaiger's Genetics, a fruit-breeding business in Modesto, California, which is now an international business selling cultivars and hybrids.[1] Zaiger is famous for developing varieties such as the Spyksma pluot, and has been called "the most prolific stone fruit breeder in the modern era." [2]

Work and education[edit]

Zaiger, a Nebraska native, received a degree in plant pathology and agricultural education in 1952 from the University of California, Davis.[3][4]

Zaiger has developed both cultivars of existing species and new hybrids such as the pluot[3] He uses cross-pollination by hand, rather than gene-splicing or DNA manipulation, to develop new hybrids.[5] The Zaigers hold around 280 patents for types of fruit.[2]

Awards and recognition[edit]

  • 1995 Wilder Award from the American Pomological Society for "distinguished service and contributions to the advancement of pomological science and for outstanding fruit varieties" [6]
  • 1997 Awarded rank of Officier, Ordre du Mérite Agricole[7]
  • 1999 Alumni Award of Distinction award from UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences [4]


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