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Floyd Co.
Industry Rail freight
Founded 2004
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary
Services Freight train operator
Website www.floyd.hu/

The Floyd Co. is a Hungarian private railway company founded in 2004. Its headquarters are in Budapest, and the majority of Floyd Co. is owned by Euro Gate. The vehicles are usually black with the name of the company written on a pink stripe. The vehicles were therefore given the nickname Pink Floyd.

The company mainly deals with the transit and transport of goods, with daily services to the Budapest Intermodal Logistics Center and Hamburg.

The railway company is co-owned by English and German parties.

Fleet details[edit]

  • British Rail Class 86 - 450 series, ten locomotives
  • British Rail Class 56 - 659 series, three locomotives[1]
  • 60 CFR Series - 609 series, one locomotive
  • CFR LDH 1250 - 429 series, one locomotive
  • LDE CFR 1250 - 492 series, one locomotive
  • LDE CFR 2100 - 429 series, two locomotives
  • Bombardier TRAXX - 185 series, with a rented locomotives
  • Siemens ES64U2 (Taurus) - BosporusSprinter leased locomotives




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