Fly-Away Baby

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Ready, Willing, and Able
Directed by Frank McDonald
Produced by Bryan Foy
Written by Dorothy Kilgallen (story idea)
Screenplay by Kenneth Gamet
Don Ryan
Starring Glenda Farrell
Barton MacLane
Gordon Oliver
Music by Howard Jackson
Cinematography Warren Lynch
Edited by Doug Gould
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Release dates
June 19, 1937 (1937-06-19)
Running time
60 min.
Country United States
Language English

Fly-Away Baby is a 1937 American comedy-adventure film featuring Glenda Farrell as Torchy Blane, the second in the series of nine Torchy Blane movies.

Plot summary[edit]

After a jeweler named Devereaux is murdered and his diamonds go missing, Torchy Blane (Glenda Farrell), former showgirl, newspaper reporter on the police beat, and girlfriend of Homicide Detective Steve McBride (Barton MacLane), helps to investigate.

Sonny Croy becomes a prime suspect. He is the son of a rival newspaper's owner. Sonny has a solid alibi from the victim's partner, Guy Allister, that they were having lunch at the time of the murder.

As the investigation widens, Blane is assigned to join an air race aboard a dirigible and a flying boat. Sonny learns what she's up to and appears to be the killer, but is found dead himself. Allister is the actual villain, but when he tries to parachute out of the aircraft, he falls to his death.



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