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Football Index
IndustryGambling, Technology
FounderAdam Cole
United Kingdom
ParentFame Ventures

Football Index, founded by Adam Cole, is a UK-licensed and regulated gambling platform, sometimes known as the Football Stockmarket or simply The Index, that allows football enthusiasts to gamble on the future success of football players.[1][2] Traders place fixed-odds bets, known as Shares, for the chance to win daily payouts - or Dividends.[3] Dividends are calculated based on player performances on match days, their media presence and the number of goals and assists they get (Goalkeepers receive In-Play Dividends for clean-sheets).[4]

Company Overview[edit]

BetIndex Ltd launched Football Index in October 2015 as a platform to gamble on football players.[5] The stock exchange cap called 'The Footie' started with the launch of the platform on 2 October 2015 with a base value of 1,000 points.[6] A Trader's portfolio can range from £10 to £1,000,000, and 2% is charged as commission on sales.[7][8][9][10] In January 2018, Football Index reached 100k users. The company now plans to expand to Sweden and Canada.[7][8][11]

In 2015 they partnered with Gold-i to allow the buying and selling of futures contracts on footballers.[12][13]

The company is owned by Fame Ventures who hold the software license for Football Index.[14]


Footballers value can rise and fall based on supply and demand. In-demand footballers (those in form and in the media) will become more valuable, whilst the value of footballers on downwards trajectories will reflect their fall.[15] Traders build a portfolio to capitalise on footballers' form and earn Dividends based on their future media attention and performances.[6][16][17][18]

In November 2018, Football Index added In-Play dividends which are valid for the first 30 days that Traders own a share.[19] Footballers receive 2p per Goal for a Forward or Midfielder, 3p per Goal by a Defender or Goalkeeper, 1p per Assist by any position, 2p for a Starting Goalkeeper Clean Sheet over the full game.[20]

There is a Top 200 list of footballers from the top five leagues in Europe (the Premier League, La Liga, the Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1) whose value is driven by demand for their shares on the platform.[1][6][8][10][21][22][23] These footballers are eligible for both Media & Performance Dividends, all other footballers listed are only eligible for Performance Dividends. In total there are in excess of 2,500 footballers listed at prices ranging from less than £1 to over £10.[6][24] In January 2019, Neymar became the first footballer to break £20 per share.[25]

An announcement in March 2019 revealed the Top 200 would open up to allow all footballers on the Index to win Media Dividends. The change will take place as of the start of the 2019-20 season.

The Instant Sell feature was added to sell shares instantly, but with lower returns.[26]

The Football Index Community[edit]

The Football Index community is made up of thousands of Traders with varying levels of involvement.[27] Traders are invited to converse about Football Index through the Football Index Forum - an active hub for discussion on trading with over 45,000 posts.[28] The company run popular social media accounts across all of the main social channels - primarily informing Traders about industry news through Twitter and Instagram.[29][30]

FITV is Football Index's YouTube Channel which features regular videos from company staff, guest pundits (such as Guillem Balague) and Football Index in general.[31]

An in-depth training resource - The Academy - is available to new and existing Football Index Traders. It contains descriptions of the platform's rules and mechanics, plus tactics and strategies designed to enhance Trader portfolios.[32] Weekly blogs from a host of football writers deliver the community news and opinions.

The community is kept busy and involved through regular Trader meets, competitions and online interaction.[33]

Advertising and Marketing[edit]

John Motson was unveiled in August 2018 as the voice of Football Index. The iconic football commentator will be heard on Football Index national TV and radio adverts for the 2018/19 football season.[34]

Guillem Balague was unveiled in September 2018 as a brand ambassador for Football Index. A regular pundit for Sky Sports, Balague adds his knowledge and expertise of La Liga and the wider football world to the company. His role at Football Index includes hosting trader events, producing regular, exclusive blogs and videos and appearing on FITV.[35]

In July 2018 Football Index were unveiled as the shirt sponsor for the 18/19 season of Bristol Rovers FC.[36]

The Founder[edit]

Adam Cole[37] started Electric Video which dealt with pre-recorded video and DVD which was later sold to Richard Desmond.[38]

He also founded MyVillage network, a website that lists local restaurants, bars and services in the whole of the UK.[38]


Football Index secured £1.92m of funding from Burlywood Capital, the venture arm of gambling veteran Mark Blandford, who founded SportingBet.[39]

On 10 May 2016, they raised £1,156,327 through the crowdfunding platform Seedrs in exchange for 15.10% equity, at a pre-money valuation of £4,497,268.[40][41][42]


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