For the Weird by the Weird

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For The Weird By The Weird
For the Weird by the Weird.jpg
Studio album by
GenreGrindcore, crossover thrash
LabelSerjical Strike
Bad Acid Trip chronology
For The Weird By The Weird
Lynch The Weirdo

For The Weird By The Weird is the first full-length from American grindcore band Bad Acid Trip. The album was self-released in 1999 by the band and then re-released in 2004 when Bad Acid Trip signed to System of a Down vocalist's label Serjical Strike in 2004. The re-release made no changes to the track listing.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Bad Acid Trip.

2."Slave Away"1:05
4."Beware the Little People with Terrible Visions"0:54
5."Fascist Fuckwad"0:33
6."Real Animals (Intro)"0:47
7."Real Animals"3:26
8."Join The Circus"2:17
9."Kill Or Be Killed"1:19
10."Bad Acid Trip"1:40
11."Strange Humans"1:28
12."Constructing Love"1:40
13."Furious Fists of Jackie Chan"2:35
14."It's a Wonderful Life"0:54
15."When You Go Madd"1:24
16."Plate Of Shrimp"0:54


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