Ford Cougar 406

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Ford Cougar 406
Manufacturer Ford
Also called Cougar I[1]
Production 1962
Body and chassis
Class Concept car
Wheelbase 102 in

The Ford Cougar 406 is a concept car for the Ford Thunderbird built by Dean Jeffries for Ford.[2] The Cougar featured Mercedes 300 SL-type gullwing doors, and was originally painted in Candy Apple Red. The car was unveiled at the 1962 Chicago Auto Show.[3] The original was a 3/8-scale model from 1956.[3] This was the second car to be under the Cougar nameplate.[3] The car has 405 horsepower. On the car there was swing-up headlights on the front fenders.[3]

In 1963, the Cougar was used in Frederick Brisson's film version of his Broadway comedy hit "Under the Yum Yum Tree".[2]


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