Forest Stream

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Forest Stream
Origin Chernogolovka, Russia
Genres Symphonic black metal
Doom metal
Gothic metal
Years active 1995–present
Labels Earache Records
Candlelight Records
Members Sonm the Darkest
Stone R
Wizard Omin

Forest Stream is a symphonic black / doom / Gothic metal band formed in Chernogolovka, Russia in 1995. The band draws inspiration from long and harsh Russian winters. Stylistically, the band's epic sound combines the atmosphere of the British doom metal of the 1990s and of the Norwegian black metal. The band's lyrics revolve around the themes of sorrow and hopelessness. Their first album, Tears of Mortal Solitude was released in early 2003 and was warmly received by the critics. In May 2007, the band went on their first international tour in Ukraine. In September 2007, the band was signed by Candlelight Records[1] and recording for their second album, The Crown of Winter, commenced soon after. The band are currently believed to be unsigned[2] with no mention of a new album, but are still active.


  • Sonm the Darkest – vocals
  • Wizard Omin – guitars
  • Stone R – bass
  • Berserk – guitars
  • Elhella – keyboards
  • Kir – drums




  • Snowfall (1999)
  • Last Season Purity (2001)


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