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Coordinates: 25°02′37″N 121°31′36″E / 25.043601°N 121.526601°E / 25.043601; 121.526601

Forestry Bureau
ROC Forestry Bureau Seal.svg
ROC-COA Forestry Bureau 20150811.jpg
Agency overview
Formed1945 (as Office of Forestry Administration)
15 February 1960 (as Forestry Bureau)
JurisdictionTaiwan (ROC)
HeadquartersZhongzheng, Taipei
Parent agencyCouncil of Agriculture

The Forestry Bureau (Chinese: 行政院農業委員會林務局; pinyin: Xíngzhèngyuàn Nóngyè Wěiyuánhuì Línwùjú) is an agency of the Council of Agriculture of Taiwan (ROC).


The Forestry Bureau was originally established in 1945 as the Office of Forestry Administration. In June 1947, the office was disbanded and the Forestry Administration Division was established. The division was then reorganized on 15 February 1960 to form the Forestry Bureau.[1]

Organizational structure[edit]

Dongshi Forest District Office
Nantou Forest District Office

Operational divisions[edit]

  • Forest Planning Division
  • Forest Administration Division
  • Watershed Management Division
  • Reforestation and Production Division
  • Conservation and Recreation Division
  • Conservation Division

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Secretariat
  • Personnel Office
  • Accounting Office
  • Civil Service Ethics Office[2]

Branch offices[edit]

  • Luodong Forest District Office
  • Hsinchu Forest District Office
  • Dongshi Forest District Office
  • Nantou Forest District Office
  • Chiayi Forest District Office
  • Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office
  • Pingtung Forest District Office
  • Taitung Forest District Office
  • Hualien Forest District Office
  • Aerial Survey Office


The agency is accessible within walking distance East from Shandao Temple Station of Taipei Metro.

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