Forever Storm

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Forever Storm
Origin Kragujevac, Serbia
Genres Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Power metal
Years active 2006 – present
Labels One Records, EBM Records
Members Stefan Kovačević
Miloš Miletić
Vladimir Nestorović
Vuk Stefanović

former members:
Nikola Marić

Forever Storm is a Serbian heavy metal band from Kragujevac.


Forever Storm was formed at the end of 2006 by Miloš Miletić (guitar), Stefan Kovačević (guitar, vocals) and Vladimir Nestorović (bass guitar).[1] Before finding a drummer, the band recorded several demos using rhythm machine.[1] At the beginning of 2007, they were joined by Vuk Stefanović (drums).[1] During the same year the band competed on the 41st Gitarijada festival,[1] also performing on the Exit festival.[2] At the end of 2007, the band started recording their debut studio album.[1] In 2008, the band won the first place at the Crvenka competition of rock bands.[2] Their debut album, entitled Soul Revolution, was released at the end of 2009 through One Records,[1] featuring cover designed by comic book artist Bane Kerac.[3]

In 2010, keyboardist Nikola Marić, who participated in the recording of Soul Revolution, joined the band.[3] During the same year, the band performed on the Wacken Open Air W.E.T. stage.[4] Forever Storm recently participated in a live TV show called "Rat Bendova" on the Bosnian international television - OBN and made quite an impression, so the band played all over the region a while after the show. In the beginning of July 2012. the band entered a contest and won at the Avala Rock fest, claiming the first prize. Sadly Nikola Maric left the band during the recording of their new album. The album called Tragedy is finished and released in December 2013. by EBM records a record label from Mexico.[5][needs update]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Released
Soul Revolution


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