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Confederate Memorial

The following Confederate Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Fort Donelson of the American Civil War. Order of battle compiled from the army organization,[1] and the reports.[2] The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military Rank[edit]

Army of Central Kentucky[edit]

General Albert Sidney Johnston Not present at battle

Fort Donelson[edit]

BG Bushrod Johnson Feb 9
BG Gideon J. Pillow Feb 9-13
BG John B. Floyd Feb 13-16
BG Simon B. Buckner, Sr. Feb 16

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Right Wing

     BG Simon B. Buckner, Sr.

2nd Brigade

   (attached to 3rd Brigade)

3rd Brigade

   Col John C. Brown

  • 3rd Tennessee: Ltc Thomas Gordon (w), Maj N. F. Cheairs
  • 18th Tennessee: Col Joseph B. Palmer
  • 32nd Tennessee: Col Edmond Cook

Left Wing

     BG Gideon Johnson Pillow
     BG Bushrod Johnson[3]

1st Brigade

   Col Adolphus Heiman

  • 27th Alabama: Col Adolphus Hughes
  • 10th Tennessee: Ltc Randal W. McGavock
  • 42nd Tennessee: Col William A. Quarles
  • 48th Tennessee: Col William Voorhies
  • 53rd Tennessee: Col Alfred Abernathy, Ltc Thomas F. Winston
2nd Brigade

   Col Thomas J. Davidson
   Col John M. Simonton
   Col John Gregg

3rd Brigade

   Col Joseph Drake

  • 3rd Alabama Battalion: Maj John Garvin
  • 15th Arkansas: Col James M. Gee
  • 4th Mississippi: Maj Thomas Adaire
4th Brigade
(Fort Donelson Garrison)[4]

   Col John W. Head

  • 30th Tennessee: Col John W. Head
  • 49th Tennessee: Col James Bailey
  • 50th Tennessee: Col Cyrus Sugg
  • 1st Tennessee: Maj Steven Colms
  • Stankiewicz's Tennessee Battery: Lt Peter Stankiewicz
5th Brigade

   Col Gabriel C. Wharton

6th Brigade

   Col John McCausland

7th Brigade

   Col William E. Baldwin[5]

  • 26th Mississippi: Col Arthur Reynolds
  • 26th Tennessee: Col John Lillard

Attached Units

Cavalry Brigade

   Lt Col Nathan B. Forrest

  • 3rd Tennessee Cavalry Ltc Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • 9th Tennessee Cavalry Ltc George Gantt
  • 1st Kentucky Cavalry, Company D: Cpt S.B. Williams
  • 1st Kentucky Cavalry, Company G: Cpt M.D. Willcox
  • 1st Kentucky Cavalry, Company K: Cpt James Huey
  • Melton's Kentucky Cavalry Company : Cpt James Melton
  • 11th Tennessee Cavalry, Company E: Cpt William Gordon
  • 11th Tennessee Cavalry, Company F: Cpt William Martin

   Lt Col Milton Haynes

  • Culbertson's Tennessee Battery: Cpt Jacob Culbertson
  • French's Virginia Battery: Cpt David French
  • Graves' Kentucky Battery: Cpt Rice E. Graves
  • Green's Kentucky Battery: Cpt Henry Green
  • Guy's Virginia Battery: Cpt John Guy
  • Jackson's Virginia Battery: Cpt Thomas Jackson
  • Maney's Tennessee Battery: Cpt Frank Maney (w)
  • Parker's Battery: Cpt A.H. Parker
  • Porter's Tennessee Battery: Cpt Thomas Porter (w), Lt John W. Morton
  • Ross' Tennessee Battery: Cpt Ruben Ross

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  4. ^ The 4th Brigade was never employed as a brigade; regiments were deployed individually
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