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Fort Vinton, also known as "Post #2", was a small Florida military outpost that existed from 1839 to 1858. Location of the fort is approximately a mile south of highway 60 near 122nd Avenue.

The fort existed mostly to help quell the periodic problems with the Seminole Amerindians and was abandoned in 1850 after the final battle with that tribe. It was reopened for the third Seminole War from 1856-1858. For most of its existence it was simply known as "Post #2" but was renamed in honor of Major John Rogers Vinton (1801–1847) just before it was closed in May 1850.

In the 19th century, the fort's location would have been on the edge of a humid mosquito-infested cypress swamp, days away from any trace of civilization. Today the area is planted in oranges and grapefruit, though it's still humid and mosquito-infested.


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Coordinates: 27°35′50″N 80°36′08″W / 27.5972°N 80.6022°W / 27.5972; -80.6022