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A shot of Four80East members Tony Grace and Rob DeBoer from their latest album, Positraction.
Four80East founding members, Tony Grace (left) and Rob DeBoer (right).
Background information
Origin Toronto
Genres Jazz, electro jazz, contemporary jazz, acid jazz
Years active 1997-present
Labels Boomtang Records
Members Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace

Four80East is a Canadian electro jazz ensemble from Toronto with Rob DeBoer (keyboards, bass and guitar) and Tony Grace (percussion); accompanied by various session musicians. Although Four80East began as a studio concept, they have evolved into a live act.

Four80East began as a studio project when DeBoer and Grace, who had been writing, arranging and producing for other artists on their Boomtang Records label, put together material of their own and released it as The Album, in 1997. The Album was well received by critics and the public alike. It was followed by Nocturnal in 2001, and Round 3 in 2002.[1] Their fourth album, En Route was released in 2007. Their fifth CD, Roll On, came out in 2009, followed by a sixth, Off Duty, in 2012. Four80East LIVE, a collection of 15 select songs recorded from three different shows, was released in early 2014.

Four80East's music is characterized by a distinctive melodic atmosphere; underpinned by a strong bass groove. They are featured on the 2007 compilation album, The Weather Channel Presents: The Best of Smooth Jazz.

Band members[edit]

Permanent members


Studio Albums
  • 1997: The Album
  • 2001: Nocturnal
  • 2002: Round 3
  • 2007: En Route
  • 2009: Roll On
  • 2012: Off Duty
  • 2015: "Positraction"
Live Albums
  • 2014: Four80East LIVE


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