Four in a Bed

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Four in a Bed
Also known as Three in a Bed (2010–11, 2015–16)
Genre Reality
Voices of Mike Adams
Duncan Wibsey (Four in a Bed)
Stephen Mangan (Three in a Bed)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 4 (Three in a Bed)
9 (Four in a Bed)
No. of episodes 55 (Three in a Bed)
400 (Four in a Bed)
Running time 60mins (Three in a Bed)
30mins (Four in a Bed)
Production company(s) Studio Lambert
Distributor All3Media
Original network Channel 4
Picture format 16:9
Audio format Stereo
Original release 21 April 2010 (2010-04-21) – present

Four in a Bed (also Three in a Bed from 2010–11 and 2015–16) is a British reality television game show that has been airing on Channel 4 since 21 April 2010. The show involves four B&B owners, who take turns to stay with one another – and pay what they consider fair for their stay. The winner is the establishment named best value for money.


Each pair of B&B owners (or single owner, in some cases) visits each other's B&B. At the start of their visit, they are told how much their room is worth. The owners then inspect the room, picking up on anything untidy or out of place. Afterwards, they take turns in some sort of entertainment activity where there is usually a mini-competition. The host then takes the guests to dinner where the guests usually get to know the backstory of how the host entered into their business in the first place. Everyone then goes to bed. Upon waking up in the morning, they then have breakfast. Finally, they each fill in an anonymous form telling the owners of the B&B about each aspect of the hotel (cleanliness, etc.) before giving saying if they'd stay there again. They also pay them a disclosed amount of money based on the value of the B&B – if a host believes it wasn't worth the money, they underpay. If they do, they pay exactly. On rare occasions, however, hosts have paid each other more than the value of the B&B, particularly if they felt the establishment was very good.

After each B&B has been visited, the hosts confront each other about comments before revealing who the winner is – not based on the amount of money, but value for money, i.e. whichever team gets the highest percent of what they charged. For instance, a B&B worth £80 could win over one worth £130 if it was deemed better.

On occasion, one of the teams may drop out midway through the competition (e.g. due to illness). In such cases where they are unable to finish the competition, they will not receive their payments from other hosts (if they hosted before leaving) and vice versa (if they visited other hosts before leaving). For hosts with two members, the absence of one will allow the other to continue in the competition as normal.

Three In a Bed Differences[edit]

The format for Three in A Bed slightly differs from Four in a Bed in certain aspects. First, all three B&Bs are visited in one episode. Consequently, each episode lasts for one hour long including advertisements. The order of the entertainment and dinner (occasionally lunch) meal were interchangeable. Third, for series 1 and 2, the feedback is orally given to hosts immediately at the end of each stay. In series 3, the feedback was written in a guestbook and was more free-flowing compared to Four In A Bed's anonymous feedback forms where the rivals had to focus on several areas. Additionally, for series 1, the payments were also revealed at the end of each stay.


Three in a Bed[edit]

Series Start date End date Episodes
1 21 April 2010 17 June 2010 8[1]
2 31 March 2011 2 June 2011 10[2]
3 18 March 2015 10[3]

Four in a Bed[edit]

Series Start date End date Episodes
1 22 November 2010 17 December 2010 20[4]
2 30 May 2011 2 December 2011 60[5]
3 12 March 2012 27 July 2012 60[6]
4 7 January 2013 1 March 2013 40[7]
5 30 September 2013 20 December 2013 60[8]
6 10 March 2014 30 May 2014 40[9]
7 29 September 2014 10 April 2015 60[10]
8 21 September 2015 20 November 2015 45[11]
9 4 April 2016 10 June 2016 50[12]
10 3 October 2016 9 December 2016 50[13]
11 1 May 2017 7 July 2017 50[14]

International versions[edit]

A French version of the series, called Bienvenue chez nous, began airing on France's TF1 on 30 January 2012.[15][16]


In February 2013, business owners who participated in Four in a Bed sought legal help after receiving abuse from the public. In the most extreme case police were called in to investigate abuse that included the sending of excrement through the post and threats of physical violence. Other businesses and owners claim to have suffered abuse via the placing of alleged fake reviews on TripAdvisor, e-mails, phone calls and letters.[17]


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