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The Fox Motor Company was an automobile company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1921 to 1923.[1]


The Fox Motor Company was founded by Ansley H. Fox (who had already invented the Fox Shotgun) as his second idea for a company. It was organized on November 21, 1919, but did not begin production until March 1921. The cars had air-cooled engines, and, some claim, were the only cars to give Franklin Automobile company a small run-for-its money.[2] It was claimed to get 20 mpg.[1] The cars were bigger than the Franklins. However, it took a long time to get into regular production, and the company could not get enough investors. Therefore, in 1923, the company went out of business.


Model (year) Engine HP Wheelbase
Model A-1 (1921)[1] Air-cooled 6-cylinder[2] 50 128"
Model A-1 (1922) Air-cooled 6-cylinder 50 132"
Model A-1 (1923) Air-cooled 6-cylinder 50 132"


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