François-Charles de Bourlamaque

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François-Charles de Bourlamaque
Governor of Guadeloupe
In office
4 July 1763 – 24 June 1764
Preceded byCampbell Dalrymple
Succeeded byHenri Édouard de Copley
Personal details
OccupationArmy officer

François-Charles de Bouramaque(the surname can also be seen as Burlamaqui) (1716 – 1764) was a French military leader and Governor of Guadeloupe from 1763.

His father Francesco Burlamacchi was born in Lucca, Tuscany. He began as military engineer, major-captain, infantry colonel, infantry commandant, commandant, general brigadier, major-general, commander of Saint-Louis, honorary order of Malta, and Governor of Guadeloupe.

After entering the French army, Bourlamaque was promoted to the rank of Colonel in 1756. He was sent to Canada in 1756 as third-in-command of the regular troops and served with distinction throughout the subsequent campaign in Canada. In the Battle of Carillon in 1758 he commanded the French left and in 1759 led the French forces at Ticonderoga. He was made a Brigadier-General in the same year, becoming a Major-General in 1762.


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