François-Saturnin Lascaris d'Urfé

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François-Saturnin Lascaris d'Urfé, S.S. (1641 – June 30, 1701), was a French Sulpician priest known as the first resident pastor of the parish of Saint-Louis du Haut de l'Île in what became the town of Baie-D'Urfé on the Island of Montreal in New France.[1][2]

Born in Paris, Lascaris d'Urfé was a brother of Louis Lascaris d'Urfé, Count of Sommaviva, whose son was Louis Lascaris d'Urfé, Bishop of Limoges, and he held the title of Marquis of Beauzé and was also Abbé of Ardèche. He was sent as a missionary to New France in 1668. After serving there for 19 years, he returned to Paris in 1687. He was later appointed as the Dean of Cathédrale Notre-Dame in Puy-en-Velay, France.

Lascaris d'Urfé died in Paris.


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