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Frances Evelyn Cave-Browne-Cave (1876–1965) was an English mathematician.

Frances Cave-Browne-Cave was the daughter of Sir Thomas Cave-Browne-Cave (1835–1924) (see Cave-Browne-Cave baronets for earlier history of the family) and Blanche Matilda Mary Ann Milton. She was the sister of Henry Cave-Browne-Cave, the Royal Air Force officer. She was educated at home in Streatham and entered Girton College, Cambridge with her older sister Beatrice Mabel Cave-Browne-Cave in 1895. She was Fifth Wrangler in 1898. She received an MA from Trinity College, Dublin in 1907 (since the rules of Cambridge University did not then permit women to take degrees) and from Cambridge in 1926.

Along with Beatrice, she worked with Karl Pearson in London,[1] returning to Girton as a research student (1901–3) before becoming fellow (1903–36) and Honorary Fellow in 1942. She retired to Southampton in 1936.


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