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Frances Kruk is a contemporary Polish-Canadian poet living in London, UK. She completed her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, under the supervision of Redell Olsen. Recent writing can be found in journals such as Damn the Caesars, Sous les Pavés, onedit, fhole, ditch, and HOW2. She has exhibited visual work and performed solo and collaborative poetry, music, and interdisciplinary projects in various parts of Canada, USA, Cyprus, Ireland, and the UK. She edited the occasional micropress yt communication with Sean Bonney.


Selected Performances[edit]


  • Thought Process – photo and text installation at The Little Gallery, with photographer Anna Mandelkau (Calgary, 2004)
  • a day in the life of particle girl coming to terms with her anger at the rules of gravity - mixed media art/performance installation, The Little Gallery (Calgary, AB 2004)
  • Selected paintings - The Stephen Lawrence Gallery (London, 2010)

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