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Francesco Conti (c. 1470 in Rome – 1521 in Rome) was an Italian Roman Catholic archbishop and cardinal.


The son of Jacopo Conti, signore of Carpineto (and a member of the Roman nobility); and Elisabetta Carafa della Stadera. His uncle was the Cardinal Giovanni Conti. Francesco Conti was educated in law.[1]

Francesco Conti was the father of six illegitimate children, five sons and one daughter; Ottavio, Stefano, Camillo, Marzio, Giovanni and Giulia.[1]

He died on 29 June 1521 and was originally buried in San Vitale (Rome).[2]


On 8 October 1494 he was appointed archbishop of Conza and remained in this position until his resignation on 11 September 1517.[2]

He never visited the archdiocese, ruling through a series of vicar generals.[1][2]

Pope Leo X made Conti a cardinal priest in the consistory on 1 July 1517. He received the red hat and the titular church of San Vitale on 6 July 1517 and served as Camerlengo of the Sacred College of Cardinals from 11 January 1520 to 7 January 1521.[1]

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