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The Scuola Navale Militare "Francesco Morosini".

The Scuola Navale Militare "Francesco Morosini" is an Italian naval military school in Venice, operated by the Italian Navy and named in honour of Francesco Morosini. The school is tasked with promoting, in young students 15 to 18 years old, an interest and love for life at sea, guiding them through high school studies to activities related to it, preparing them with a sound cultural foundation and a deep civic education to their future.

Admission and staff[edit]

Students admitted to “1st Liceo Classico” or “3rd Licero Scientifico” participate to the selection to join the Scuola. The ranking list is based on previous year school's results, physical tests and tests result. If admitted, they attend the last three years of the "Liceo Classico" or "Liceo Scientifico".

Teachers, nominated through a national selection, are employed by the Navy. School's programs match public schools. Students live in the School in a ruled and disciplined routine based on lessons, study and sport while they build friendship, teamwork and brotherhood to mates that will follow them for the rest of their life.

The staff working at the School, except teachers, all serve in the Italian Navy.

Activities and facilities[edit]

The School hosts sports facilities like gym, soccer, basketball, tennis, athletic, pool and class rooms, laboratories and conference room.

Special care has been dedicated to maritime sports, with great facilities and professional instructors for sailing, yachting and rowing. During summer students cruise on the “Amerigo Vespucci” as crew.

Once at the end of the third year students pass the "maturita'" exam, they can choose between the military life through a special selection or to attend the university.

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