Francesco Trapani

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Francesco Trapani
Born 1957
Alma mater University of Naples, Economy
New York University, Business Administration[1]
Known for CEO of Bulgari
Spouse(s) Partner: Lorenza de Liechtenstein
Children Rebecca, Agostino and Allegra
Parent(s) Mother: Lia Bulgari
Relatives Uncles: Paolo Bulgari, Nicola Bulgari, Gianni Bulgari
Great Grandfather: Sotirio Bulgari
Grandmother: Leonilde

Francesco Trapani, (born 1957), is the former CEO of the Italian jeweler and luxury goods retailer, Bulgari.[1]

Family relations[edit]

Trapani is the son of a surgeon and Lia Bulgari. Lia Bulgari is the elder sister of Paolo Bulgari, the current Chairman of the Bulgari group. Lia and her three brothers - Paolo, Nicola and Gianni - are the grandchildren of Sotirio Bulgari, an Ottoman born Greek silversmith, who was the Bulgari group founder.[2]


Trapani took over the Bulgari group in 1984. He is credited with turning the company around into one of the more successful luxury jewellery brand. In 2001, he managed the Bulgari joint venture with Marriott International to open a set of Bulgari branded hotels, named Bulgari Hotels and Resorts.[1] In 1995, Trapani oversaw the listing of Bulgari on the Milan Stock Exchange and SEAQ International in London.[2]

Francesco Trapani oversaw the sales and integration of Bulgari within LVMH, in 2011. Trapani replaced Philippe Pascal as the Head of Watches and Jewelry at LVMH, following the sale of Bulgari to LVMH.[3] until 2014, when he left the company. He later joined Clessidra, an italian private equity fund specialized in Luxury and apparel, in 2014, as senior partner, and Tages in 2016, while serving as board members of several companies.

Bulgari sale to LVMH[edit]

Trapani described in a 2004 article[2] that "one day, Bulgari is going to be sold, we'll see." He also described that "there are a couple of big companies that would be interested, but they have not approached us."

Regarding the sale of Bulgari to LVMH in March 2011, he indicated that the sale is because LVMH recognises Bulgari as a "star brand" and that he doesn't believe LVMH will "dilute" the brand.[3]


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