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Francfranc Corporation is a Japanese furniture and home décor company founded in Tokyo in 1990 by Fumio Takashima.[1]

At the end of 2018, it had nearly 140 stores in Japan and Hong Kong, along with headquarters in both places.

With Francfranc stores, Francfranc Corporation operates Masterrecipe and other brands.

The company has about 2000 employees at the end of 2018.

The company was previously named Bals Corporation.


Originally named Bals Corporation, the name was changed to Francfranc Corporation in 2017.

Founded in 1990 by Fumio Takashima, a Japanese accomplished entrepreneur, Francfranc Corporation is a furniture and home décor retailer[2] that operate more than 140 stores under the brand name Francfranc.

Looking to be innovative in design and feminine, Francfranc Corporation shows his ambitions with the slogan “A LIFE OF COLOR“.

The first stores opened under the name Francfranc was very innovative at that time as nobody was selling under the same roof furnitures and interior household. This new concept made the signature of Francfranc and the success of the brand in Japan.

With more than 6500 references in stores, Francfranc Corporation offers a large selection of products from sofas to bath towels with a focus on design and quality.

The concept[edit]

Bringing colour and sense in every product, Francfranc Corporation provides solution for modern life.

Francfranc furniture and interior households aim to provide solution to people looking for great quality products, with a trendy design adapted to the urban lifestyle.

The operations[edit]

The company operates in both online and offline environment.

1 headquarter in Japan (main office with products and sales divisions)

1 headquarter in Hong Kong (retail operations)

134 stores in Japan, including 3 flagship stores in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

6 stores in Hong Kong.

E-commerce operations are currently serving Japan and Hong Kong.

Quality and sustainability[edit]

Born in the mind of Fumio Takashima, Francfranc Corporation has his roots in Japan. Well-known to be home to high quality products, Francfranc as a brand, respects this unique heritage.

It starts with the design: how to provide a better life to people, how to improve what has already been done? Francfranc studies, understand and elaborate new solutions for a better everyday life.

It continues with the production: 30% of Francfranc ceramic items are made in Japan. 60% of fragrance reed diffusers are made in France or Thailand.

All textiles are azo dye free and respect the international requirements.


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