Francis Marion Burdick

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Francis Marion Burdick LL.D. (1845 – 1920) was an American legal scholar, born at De Ruyter, New York. He graduated at Hamilton College in 1869, and in 1872 from the law department at that institution. He practiced law until 1883. He was mayor of Utica, N. Y. in 1882 and 1883.

Afterwards, he held positions in Hamilton College, Cornell University, and Columbia University, and was a commissioner for the State of New York. He was the first Theodore Dwight Professor of Law at Columbia Law School.

Besides contributing extensively to legal periodicals he published:

  • Cases on Torts (1895)
  • The Law of Sales (third edition, 1913)
  • Cases on Sales (second edition, 1901)
  • The Law of Torts (1905, second edition, 1908)
  • Law of Partnership (second edition, 1906)
  • The Essentials of Business Law (1908)