Francisco Parra Capó

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Francisco Parra Capó
Francisco Parra Capo, former mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico (DSC03171).jpg
Mayor Francisco Parra Capó
Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico
In office
Preceded by Rodulfo del Valle
Succeeded by Abelardo Aguilú, Jr.
Personal details
Born 20 December 1871[1]
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Died ca. 1945
Nationality Puerto Rican
Political party Republicano Puertorriqueño
Profession politician, lawyer
Religion Roman Catholic

Francisco Parra Capó (20 December 1871 - ca. 1945) was a Puerto Rican attorney, politician, and Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico, from 1921 to 1923.

Early years[edit]

Francisco Parra Capó was born in Ponce in 1867, the son of Francisco Parra Duperón and Eufemia Capó Ortiz de la Renta Bermudas.[2]

Professional life[edit]

In 1900 he was elected to the Puerto Rico House of Delegates for the district of Ponce and served until the end of his term in 1902.[3]

In 1919, he worked as the Archivero General (Archivist-in-Chief) for the Ponce District.[4] He became an attorney and joined his father's law firm in Ponce.[5] The law firm operated until 2016 from the Banco de Ponce Building and was known as Parra, del Valle & Limeres. At the time of its closing, it was the oldest law firm in Puerto Rico.[6] As an attorney, Parra Capó subsequently worked as a military aid to governor Blanton Winship in the mid to late 1930s with his nephew Francisco Parra Toro.[7][8]

Parra Capó was president of the Ponce Municipal Assembly during the days of the Ponce Massacre.[9]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Rodulfo del Valle
Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico
Succeeded by
Abelardo Aguilú, Jr.