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Frank Albo
Frank Albo.jpg
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater Peterhouse, University of Cambridge (MPhil, PhD)
University of Amsterdam
University of Toronto (MA)
University of Winnipeg (BA)
Occupation Architectural historian, writer
Notable work The Hermetic Code (2007)
Astana: Architecture, Myth, and Destiny (2017)

Frank Albo is a Canadian architectural historian and writer. He is the academic inspiration behind The Hermetic Code (2007) and the author of Astana: Architecture, Myth, and Destiny (2017). Albo is currently an Adjunct Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg where he specializes in architecture, Freemasonry, and the Western esoteric tradition.[1]

For his discoveries into the Freemasonic symbolism of the Manitoba Legislative Building recounted in The Hermetic Code, Albo has been dubbed "Canada's Dan Brown"[2][3] and "one of Winnipeg's foremost architectural historians."[4] Since 2009, Albo has led the Hermetic Code Tours of the Manitoba Legislative Building, which more than 25,000 people have attended.

Early life and education[edit]

Albo grew up in the West End of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.[5] He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Winnipeg in 2002 and then continued his studies at the University of Toronto, University of Amsterdam, and the University of Cambridge, Peterhouse, where he attained his MPhil and then PhD in 2012 in the history of architecture.[1][6] His thesis was on the influence of Freemasonry in British architecture.[2][7] Albo holds graduate degrees in ancient Near Eastern languages, Western esotericism, and the history of art.[8]


Hermetic Code[edit]

In 2001, Albo began his decade-long research into the Freemasonic and Hermetic symbolism of the Manitoba Legislative Building after noticing two Egyptian sphinxes on the building's roof. Albo received government funding and support to conduct extensive research and freely explore the building, which enabled him to uncover its esoteric principles of design. This included hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions and the architect's emulation of Solomon's Temple, and the architect's use of sacred geometry, and numerological codes, including the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence, and a tribute to the numbers "666" and "13." Albo concluded that British architect Frank Worthington Simon, himself a Freemason, had designed the edifice as "a temple [to Hermetic wisdom] masquerading as a government building."[2][9]

Albo's discoveries became the basis for 2007 Winnipeg Free Press book The Hermetic Code, now on its fourth printing.[2] Since 2009, Albo has led the Hermetic Code Tours through the Manitoba Legislative Building, which more than 25,000 have taken.[10][11] In 2011, the Canadian Tourism Commission announced that it had added the Hermetic Code Tour to its list of premiere destinations as part of its international tourism campaign.[12] Writing about the Hermetic Code Tour in The Sydney Morning Herald, Max Anderson says, "Frank Albo - a highly charismatic polymath - leads one of the very best tours of any public building anywhere in the world."[13]

Astana: Architecture, Myth & Destiny[edit]

Albo has continued his research into esoteric matters with his 2017 book Astana: Architecture, Myth & Destiny. In this work, he posits that the architecture of Astana, Kazakhstan, dubbed the "Illuminati Capital of the World," encodes a solution to the three greatest threats of the 21st century: religious extremism, environmental destruction, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons.[14] The book also conceals an armchair treasure hunt called the Astana Challenge, an enigma of secrets and mysteries that when solved reveals a hidden message. The first person to decipher its exact wording will win an all-expense paid luxury vacation to Astana valued at $30,000.[15]


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