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Frank Dunphy is an Irish-born, British-based business manager, entrepreneur and accountant. He represents the interests of such artists and actors as Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Jake and Dinos Chapman and Ray Winstone. [1]

Early life in Ireland[edit]

Dunphy was born in Portrane. His father was a nurse and his mother was an republican activist and member of Cumann na mBan[citation needed]


Dunphy moved to England in the early 1950s and began his career in representation advising performers including Coco the Clown, Harry Worth, and Roy Castle.[1] He reputedly charges his clients 10% of all sales/income revenue.[2]

Meeting Hirst[edit]

Dunphy has represented artist Damien Hirst since 1995.[2] He claims he was first asked to represent artist Hirst by Hirst's mother, Mary, a claim which the artist has disputed.[1]


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