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Frank "Mike the Dago" Salvatore was an Italian-American bootblack and later New York politician who eventually succeeded Chuck Conners as a major figure in Tammany Hall.


During the 1900s, as Conners began retreating into seclusion due to poor health, Salvatore quickly took advantage by forming the Young Chuck Conners Association which began directly competing against Chuck Conners organization. Salvatore continued to gain political influence from Tammany Hall and, after announcing he and the Young Chuck Conners Association intended to hold a grand ball in opposition of Chuck Conners' annual gala, he eventually succeeded in forcing Conners to compromise in which his name would appear on the programme of the Young Chuck Conners Association as a patron in between then World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jim Jefferies and retired heavyweight champion Jim Corbett. Conners went into semi-retirement soon after, Salvatore would gradually take over Conners' ward controlling it entirely by the time of Conners' death in 1913.