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Frank Viola is an American author, speaker, and blogger on Christian topics. His work focuses on Jesus studies and biblical narrative, with a strong emphasis on helping the poor and the oppressed. He is most noted for his emphasis on the gospel of the kingdom,[1] the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ,[2] and the idea that Jesus indwells all Christians and they can learn to live by his life.[3]

Viola's early work was focused on organic church and missional church themes.[4] His older books advocated church life based on the spiritual principles of the New Testament,[5] the headship of Christ, face-to-face community, and the priesthood of all believers.[6]

Since 2009, Viola's work has been focused on Jesus studies,[7] living by the indwelling life of Christ,[8] God's eternal purpose,[9] the present-day ministry of Christ,[10] and biblical narrative.[11] Viola has authored over 20 books, over 900 blog articles, and over 100 podcast episodes.[12] His podcast, Christ is All, has been ranked #1 in Canada and #2 in the USA (respectively) in the "Christianity" section of iTunes.[13]

His blog, Beyond Evangelical, is regularly ranked in the top 10 of Christian blogs on the Web.[14]

Viola and professor Leonard Sweet have written three books together, each focusing on Christology: Jesus Speaks,[15] Jesus: A Theography[16] and Jesus Manifesto.[17]

Since 2012, Viola has been strongly focused on helping the poor and the oppressed.[18] Concerning the poor, Viola has said that helping those who are in need is part of "the Magna Carta of the Church of Jesus Christ as she continues the ministry of Jesus on earth (Luke 4:18–19). Scripture, both Old Testament and New Testament, make clear that this is very much on God's heart."[19]

Aside from being an author and speaker on Christian topics, Viola consults authors, bloggers, and writers in their craft.[20] He lectures throughout the USA and around the world, having spoken in various locations including Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland.


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  • ReGrace
  • God's Favorite Place on Earth
  • Revise Us Again
  • From Eternity to Here
  • Finding Organic Church
  • Reimagining Church
  • Jesus Now
  • The Day I Met Jesus with Mary DeMuth
  • Jesus Manifesto with Leonard Sweet
  • Jesus: A Theography with Leonard Sweet
  • Jesus Speaks with Leonard Sweet
  • Pagan Christianity with George Barna

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