Frans Geffels

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Frans Geffels
Vienna Battle 1683.jpg
Battle of Vienna/Kahlenberg 1683
Born 1625
Died 1694
Nationality Flemish
Known for Battle Painting, Architecture
Movement Baroque
Patron(s) House of Gonzaga, Mantua

Frans Geffels (1624–1694) was a Flemish painter and architect of Baroque style active mainly in Mantua.

He appears to have been recruited to Mantua in 1659, by his contemporary Daniel van Dyck. He soon gained the post of prefect to the duchal studio of Charles II Gonzaga.

Architectural works in Mantua[edit]

  • Church of San Martino
  • House of the Rabbi, 1680
  • Palazzo Sordi, 1680
  • Palazzo Valenti Gonzaga, concluded renovation in 1677
Palazzo Sordi


  • Portrait of Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga di Nevers, Palazzo d'Arco, Mantua
  • Battle of Kahlenberg 1683, Museum der Stadt Wien, Vienna
  • Altarpiece of Christian Doctrine in church of San Martino (Mantua)
  • Frescoes in Palazzo Valenti-Gonzaga in Mantua