Frans van Brederode

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Frans van Brederode (February 4, 1465 in Vianen – August 11, 1490 in Dordrecht) was a rebel in Holland against the rule of king Maximilian of Germany, father and regent of Duke Philip the Handsome of Burgundy.

Brederode coat of arms

Duke Philip was Count of Holland - Brederode belonged to the Hook faction in Holland, which didn't acknowledge Maximilian. Brederode conquered Rotterdam in 1488 and tried to conquer many other cities. He was successful only in Woerden and Geertruidenberg in 1489. He was defeated during the Battle of Brouwershaven in 1490, and subsequently died in prison of the wounds received during the battle.

He was a son of Reinoud II van Brederode and Yolande van Lailang.