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Jan Adam František Míča (born 11 January 1746 in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, Bohemia - died 19 March 1811 in Vienna) was a Bohemian composer,[1] jurist, and nephew of the kapellmeister František Václav Míča.

He was a prolific composer who produced numerous operas, symphonies, violin concertos, and eight string quartets. Míča grew up in Moravia and moved with his father to Vienna, where he studied law and befriended the younger Mozart and was well-regarded by the Emperor Joseph II. Upon completion of his studies in 1767, he took up a government post and joined the imperial orchestra. During a trip to L'viv in the Ukraine in his capacity as a government official, he was arrested during the Polish invasion and imprisoned for six months. Much of his music remains neglected and in manuscript form in Austrian and Czech archives.


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