Fred Couples Golf

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Fred Couples Golf
Japanese cover art
Developer(s) SIMS Co., Ltd.
Publisher(s) Sega
Composer(s) Yoko Wada
Platform(s) Game Gear
  • NA: 1994
  • JP: December 23, 1994
Genre(s) Arcade-like golf
Mode(s) Single-player
Multiplayer (up to four players)

Fred Couples Golf is a 1993 golf video game exclusively for the Game Gear featuring professional golfer Fred Couples. A 32X version was developed,[1] but never released.


In-game screenshot

The player chooses from four generic golf courses and must compete in either a tournament, stroke play, or match play. Each golfer has his/her unique strengths and weaknesses. Names can be changed in addition to shirt color and the difficulty level. Through a Game Gear link, four players can play at once. Fred Couples, the famous golfer that endorsed the game, can only be used as an opponent. He is not available as either a teammate or as a playable character.[2]

While the ball is on the ground, the player is shown an overhead view and must analyze it before swinging the golf club. The player can also choose a caddie as well. A password is given every time the player advances in the tournament.[citation needed]


GamePro gave the game a mostly negative review. Though they praised many of the game's elements, such as the practice mode, the animations, and the controls, they found the graphical layout to be a fatal flaw, and concluded "Golfing fiends may enjoy the strong details in Fred Couples Golf, but the tiny, cramped graphical layout will assault the senses of casual hackers."[3]


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