Fredericton (provincial electoral district)

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New Brunswick electoral district
Defunct provincial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
District created 1967
District abolished 1973
First contested 1967
Last contested 1970

Fredericton was a New Brunswick electoral district. It was separated from the riding of York from 1924 until it was absorbed back into York in 1926. The riding was recreated in 1967 and existed until 1973 when New Brunswick went from bloc voting to single-member ridings.

Members of the Legislative Assembly[edit]

Legislature Years Member Party Member Party
Riding created from York
36th 1925 – 1930     Charles D. Richards Conservative
Riding dissolved into York
Riding re-created from York
46th 1967 – 1967     George Everett Chalmers Progressive Conservative     John F. McInerney[1] Progressive Conservative
1968 – 1970     Lawrence Garvie Progressive Conservative
46th 1970 – 1974
Riding dissolved into Fredericton North and Fredericton South

Election results[edit]


New Brunswick general election, 1970
Party Candidate Votes Elected
Progressive Conservative G. Everett Chalmers 11,249 Green tickY
Progressive Conservative Lawrence Garvie 10,459 Green tickY
Liberal Edward N. Reynolds 6,079
Liberal William L. Hoyt 5,829
New Democratic Patrick Michael Callaghan 723
New Democratic Charles Joseph Khoury 595
New Brunswick provincial by-election, 10 June 1968
Party Candidate Votes Elected
Progressive Conservative Lawrence Garvie 8,240 Green tickY
Liberal John Page 5,305
New Brunswick general election, 1967
Party Candidate Votes Elected
Progressive Conservative Dr. Everett Chalmers 9,693 Green tickY
Progressive Conservative Dr. J.F. McInerney 9,145 Green tickY
Liberal David Hughes 6,988
Liberal Daniel M. Hurley 6,538



  1. ^ died in office