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FreeFileSync Icon.png
FreeFileSync 6.7 running on Windows 8.1
FreeFileSync 6.7 running on Windows 8.1
Initial releaseAugust 2008; 10 years ago (2008-08)
Stable release
10.2 / July 6, 2018; 5 months ago (2018-07-06)[1]
Operating systemWindows, Linux, macOS
PlatformIA-32, x86-64
TypeFile synchronization utility
LicenseGNU GPLv3

FreeFileSync is a free and open-source program used for file synchronization. It is available on Windows, Linux and OS X. The project is backed by donations. Donors get a few additional features such as an auto-updater, parallel sync, portable version, and silent installation.[2]

FreeFileSync works by comparing one or multiple folders on their content, date or file size and subsequently synchronizing the content according to user-defined settings. In addition to supporting local file systems and network shares, FreeFileSync is able to sync to FTP, FTPS, SFTP and MTP devices.


Some versions were found to contain OpenCandy,[3][4] which many antivirus software vendors classify as malware.[5][6][7][8]

Since the release of version 10.0 in April 2018, the software is ad-free.[9] As of 13 November 2018 Norton considers FreeFileSync installer as a malware and blocks its installation.

Reception[edit] staff praised the software.[10]

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