Freedom (Trey Eley & Matthew Shell album)

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Studio album by
Trey Eley & Matthew Shell
GenreJazz, crossover jazz
LabelWorking Notion Entertainment

Freedom is an instrumental jazz album which was a collaboration between flautist Trey Eley and producer Matthew Shell. It was released on August 30, 2012. The track from the album, Twilight, featuring Grammy nominated trumpet player Greg Adams was featured on as an Exclusive First listen.[1] Another track "Beauty in Freedom", inspired Grammy nominated artist, Carolyn Malachi[2] to write her song Beautiful Dreamer.[3] The album was also featured as one of Generation bass' Top album of 2012.[4] The video reinterpretation of the Michael Jackson track, "Rock with you" featuring Kenny Wesley was shot and edited by Jason Baustin, of Travestee Films.[5] The music video for "Juice"[6] features the dancer Atomic Goofball, who also performed in So You Think You Can Dance and the film Step Up 3.

Track listing[edit]

1."Beauty in Freedom"Matthew Shell, Darrick AtwaterMatthew Shell, Darick Atwater10:07
2."Juice (feat. G.P. Jackson)"Matthew ShellMatthew Shell2:59
3."Twilight (feat. Greg Adams)"Matthew ShellMatthew Shell3:49
4."Faces of Change"Matthew ShellMatthew Shell3:56
5."5.8"Trey EleyTrey Eley5:50
6."Alright Now (feat. Marcus Mitchell)"Matthew Shell, Marcus SingletonMatthew Shell, Marcus Singleton3:37
7."Hidden Within"Matthew ShellMatthew Shell, Jonathan Quigley2:15
8."Rich Mahogany"Matthew ShellMatthew Shell3:13
9."Coming To You"Marcus Singleton, Matthew ShellMatthew Shell5:17
10."Thinking About You"Matthew Shell, Rob MercerMatthew Shell3:28
11."Rock With You (feat. Kenny Wesley)"Rod TempertonMatthew Shell, Trey Eley4:16


Following are the credits for all the personnel involved:[7]

  • Trey Eley - Primary Artist, Composer, Flute, Alto Flute, Wind Synthesizer
  • Matthew Shell - Primary Artist, Composer, Engineer, Arranger, Producer, Guitars, Drums, Additional instrumentation
  • Vahagn Stepanyan - Piano
  • Devin Spear - Electric Guitar on "Beauty in Freedom"
  • Darrick Atwater - Producer, Engineer, Mix assistance, Additional Arrangement
  • Markus Huber - Bass on "Beauty in Freedom", ""Faces of Change", "Hidden Within", "Rock with You"
  • Mike Gamble - Bass on "Twilight"
  • Mr.Turner - Bass on "Juice", "5.8"
  • Jabari Exum - Djembe on "Beauty in Freedom"
  • Kolten Perine - Keyboard, synthesizers on "Faces of Change"
  • Cristina Botnari[8] - Violin on "Twilight"
  • Marcus Singleton - Producer, Additional instrumentation, Synthesizers, Arrangement on "Coming to you"
  • Jonathan Quigley - Producer, Beatbox, Additional Arrangement on "Hidden Within"
  • Rob Mercer - Vocals on "Thinking about you"
  • Kenny Wesley - Vocals, Vocal Arrangement on "Rock with you"
  • David Joubert - Keyboard on "Rock with you"
  • Greg Adams - Trumpet on "Twilight"
  • G.P. Jackson - Vocals on "Juice"
  • Marcus Mitchell - Saxophone on "Alright Now"

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