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FreezeDried is a polka band from Chicago that brings Polish push-style polkas to the polka and non-polka fan. They are known throughout the field to be on the cutting edge of polka music. FreezeDried mixes polkas with other music styles such as Latin music, zydeco, gospel music, dixieland music and rock music. Their efforts have been inspiring other traditional polka bands to be more creative in their approach to new material, musical arrangements and showmanship. FreezeDried did not stop at their quest for musical diversity. In 2006, FreezeDried continued to progress in the vocal area by adding a female vocal trio. Affectionately known as "The Icicles", the singers bring flavors of motown and soul to the FreezeDried sound.

FreezeDried members are Ted Okrzesik Jr., John Krawisz, John Okrzesik Sr., Dan Okrzesik Sr., A.J. Okrzesik, and Andrew Okrzesik. The record label of FreezeDried is Chrome Pierogi Recording and is an Indie label. Since 1998, venues such as the Taste of Chicago, Minnesota State Fair, WGN radio, numerous town summer fests, and an array of local clubs have been enjoying the fresh sounds of the FreezeDried experience.


  • DegenerationGap 2009
  • Fear of Rubber Cushions 2006
  • Deliberate Confusion 2003
  • Artistically Challenged; 2000