Playford International College

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Playford International College
Playford International College
Philip Highway
Elizabeth, South Australia
Type Public
Motto Working together for a successful future
Established 1960
Principal Rob Knight
Teaching staff 120+ (November 2016)
Grades 8-12
Enrolment 902+ (January 2016)
Colour(s) Maroon     , Blue      and Black     
Athletics F Grade Division 1 (SASSSA)

Playford International College (formerly Fremont-Elizabeth City High School) is a high school in Elizabeth a northern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, the result of amalgamating the original three secondary schools in Elizabeth.

It offers general secondary education with elite programs in music, it is one of four Special Interest Music Centres, with those at the then "Fremont High School" set up in 1978, Brighton Secondary School and Marryatville High Schools set up 1976 and Woodville High School in 1977 and covering four distinct geographical areas of Adelaide. It is also one of thirteen Engineering Pathways Schools in South Australia.

Entry to the music program is by audition.

It offers Aboriginal Studies 8-12 with support provided for all Indigenous Australian students.


Elizabeth Girls Technical High School[edit]

The Elizabeth Girls Technical High School was established in Elizabeth East in 1960, providing for students beyond year 7, at a time when the minimum school leaving age was 14. It was renamed Playford High School around 1976, the school changed from a girls only to a co-ed school in 1976 and then amalgamated with Elizabeth High School in 1988, after which the Elizabeth East site was decommissioned.

The name "Playford" was in recognition of Sir Thomas Playford, the state premier whose government established Elizabeth, a reference seen today in the name of the council area formed by amalgamating Elizabeth and Munno Para.

Elizabeth Boys Technical High School[edit]

Elizabeth Boys Technical School Logo

The Elizabeth Boys Technical High School was established in Elizabeth Park in 1960, providing for students beyond year 7. It was renamed Fremont High School after 1975, the school changed from a boys only to a co-ed school in 1976 and then amalgamated with Elizabeth City High School in 1995, the Elizabeth Park site was decommissioned in 1996.

The name 'Fremont' was taken from Elizabeth's sister city in California, which in turn was named after the American explorer John C. Frémont. The reference is also seen today in the name of Fremont Park, between Elizabeth Park and Elizabeth East. The City of Playford no longer maintains this relationship with Fremont, California

Elizabeth High School[edit]

Logo elizabeth high

Elizabeth High School was established at the Philip Highway site in Elizabeth in 1961, providing general education for students beyond year 7, and preparation for entry to tertiary education. Initially, it had a year 8 intake but also a year 9 intake comprising students who had been bussed to Salisbury High School from Elizabeth as year 8 Students in 1990. For 1991 the school was housed completely in temporary classrooms, the new two wing block not occupied until 1992. With the growth of the suburbs, enrolment rapidly outgrew the permanent buildings in the north-eastern corner of the site, and by the mid-1960s over half the school was housed in "temporary" buildings extending west. A third wing was added to the "permanent" buildings and enrolment continued to grow to over 2000 students in the latter half of the decade. Enrolment eventually declined with the maturing population of the city and the establishment of another high school in Elizabeth West nearer the developing suburbs that had extended northwards into Munno Para.

Playford High School[edit]

In 1988, amalgamation with Playford High School formed Elizabeth City High School, and the schools were combined at the Philip Highway site.

Fremont-Elizabeth City High School[edit]

Fremont-Elizabeth City High School Logo

In 1995, amalgamation with Fremont High School formed Fremont-Elizabeth City High School, and again the schools were combined at the Philip Highway site.

Playford International College[edit]

In 2016, Fremont-Elizabeth City High School changed its name to Playford International College. The state government provided $7 million over four years to build a centre for advanced technologies, maths and science, and a performing arts and multimedia centre and refurbish classrooms.[1] Upgrades are scheduled in 2016/17 and to be completed by 2019.


The new book icon consists of three pages, each shown in a different colour, representing the three schools that came together to form Playford International College. The pen in the centre of the spine points down towards the half sphere, representing the globe and tying in the ‘international’ aspect.

House System[edit]

Upon entering the senior school, all students are assigned to a house. There are four houses, the Jackson Crocodiles (green), Gillespie Redbacks (red), Mitchell Tigers (yellow) and Thomas Rockets (blue). Houses meet several times each year and compete in various school competitions throughout the year. Through sports day, swimming carnivals and athletics.

Middle School Specialist Academies (8-10)[edit]

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy
  • Special Interest Music
  • Specialist Dance Academy
  • Specialist Drama & Theatre Academy
  • Specialist AFL Academy
  • Specialist Basketball Academy
  • Specialist Netball Academy
  • Specialist Soccer Academy
  • Specialist Softball/Baseball Academy
  • Specialist Volleyball Academy
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Academy
  • French Academy
  • Chinese Academy
  • Dari Academy
  • Nepali Academy


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