French Togoland autonomy referendum, 1956

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A referendum on autonomy was held in French Togoland on 28 October 1956. Since World War I the territory had been a League of Nations mandate, then a United Nations Trust Territory under French control. The referendum offered residents the choice of remaining a Trust Territory or becoming an autonomous region within the French Union. The result being 93% in favour of the latter, with a 77.3% turnout.[1] However, the referendum was rejected by the United Nations General Assembly as it had not included the option of independence and opted to continue with the trusteeship. In neighbouring British Togoland, a referendum earlier in the year had resulted in the territory becoming part of Ghana.


Choice Votes %
Automous region in the French Union 313,458 93.35
UN Trusteeship 22,320 6.65
Invalid/blank votes 3,003
Total 338,781 100
Registered voters/turnout 438,175 77.32
Source: African Elections Database


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