Regions of Togo

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Regions of Togo
Régions du Togo (French)
Savanes Region, Togo Plateaux Region, Togo Kara Region Centrale Region, Togo Maritime RegionA clickable map of Togo exhibiting its five regions.
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Category Unitary State
Location Togolese Republic
Number 5
Populations 617,871 (Centrale) – 2,599,955 (Maritime)
Areas 6,200 km2 (2,400 sq mi) (Maritime) – 16,970 km2 (6,554 sq mi) (Plateaux)
Government Region government, National government
Subdivisions Prefectures
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Togo is divided into five regions (régions, singular région) (capitals in parentheses):

Region Capital Area
(km2) [1]
(2010 census)
Centrale Sokodé 13,317 617,871
Kara Kara 11,738 769,940
Maritime Lomé 6,100 2,599,955
Plateaux Atakpamé 16,975 1,375,165
Savanes Dapaong 8,470 828,224

The regions are divided into 30 prefectures.

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