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Numerous French vessels have borne the name Téméraire ("bold" or "reckless"). Note that several British ships have had the same name (although without the accents over the letter "e"), see HMS Temeraire.

Naval vessels[edit]

Twelve ships of the French Navy


  • Téméraire was a privateer of 10 guns and 50 men under the command of lieutenant de frigate Le Fer that HMS Cormorant captured on 30 July 1782 off Cape Clear. She was nine days out of Brest, France, with dispatches for the combined fleet that she threw overboard, together with eight guns, before her capture.[1]
  • Téméraire, a privateer aviso (1803–1811).
  • Téméraire, a privateer of two guns and 30 men that HMS Hind captured on 29 September 1809 off Melazzo. She was four days out of Naples and had not made any captures.[2]
  • Téméraire, a privateer schooner of 10 guns, six large swivel guns, and a crew of 35 men. She was a new vessel, three days out of Brest, and had taken no prizes when HMS Fawn captured her on 11 October 1810.[3]
  • Téméraire, a privateer in 1812.

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