Fresh Aire

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Fresh Aire
Studio album by Mannheim Steamroller
Released January 1, 1975
Recorded 1974
Genre New-age, symphonic rock
Length 33:30
Label American Gramaphone
Producer Chip Davis, Don Sears
Mannheim Steamroller chronology
Fresh Aire
Fresh Aire II
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars [1]

Fresh Aire is the first album by new-age musical group Mannheim Steamroller. It was originally released in 1975.


The record was followed by seven additional albums in the Fresh Aire series. Each of the first four Fresh Aire albums is based on a season; Fresh Aire's theme is Spring. (There is some evidence that this theme may have been imposed upon the album after the fact, as the rest of the series progressed, since the liner notes for this album clearly link each of the 12 tracks to the 12 months of the year.)

Besides the eponymous seventh tune, several of the track names are played on musical terms denoting the form of that song. The title track "Fresh Aire" is an air, "Saras Band" is a sarabande, and perhaps most cleverly, "Pass the Keg (Lia)" is a passacaglia.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Prelude" – 1:33
  2. "Chocolate Fudge" – 2:54
  3. "Interlude I" – 2:55
  4. "Sonata" – 2:32
  5. "Interlude II" – 2:33
  6. "Saras Band" – 3:37
  7. "Fresh Aire" – 5:30
  8. "Rondo" – 2:36
  9. "Interlude III" – 2:36
  10. "Pass the Keg (Lia)" – 2:33
  11. "Interlude IV" – 2:11
  12. "Mist" – 1:47


  • Chip Davis – drums, percussion, toys
  • Eric Hansen – bass
  • Jackson Berkey – keyboards
  • Don Sears – synthesizer programming, string arrangements
  • Bill Buntain – trombone
  • Denny Schneider – trumpet
  • Mortimer Alpert, Dorothy Brown, Hugh Brown, Miriam Duffelmeyer, Ginny Eldred, Lucinda Gladics, James Hammond, Jean Hassel, Joe Landes, Karl Lyon, Bob Malec, Beth McCollum, Virginia Moriarty, Dorothy Redina, Joe Rosenstein, Merton Shatzkin, Alex Sokol, Jess Stern, Larry Sutton, Paul Todd – strings


  • Produced By Chip Davis & Don Sears
  • Recorded & Engineered By Jeff Schiller, Don Sears & Ron Ubel


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