Friedericke Buchegger

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Friedericke Buchegger is an Austrian Righteous Among the Nations.

She considerably participated in the rescue of the Czech Jew Walter Posiles and his brothers Hans and Ludwig shortly before they were deported to the concentration camp Theresienstadt.

Walter Posiles and Viennese Edeltrud Becher had been reported because of miscegenation. Because of her connections to a member of the Vienna Police Friedericke Buchegger was able to obtain the destruction of the incriminating record. Nevertheless, the brothers had to stay underground.

In 1942, Friedericke took Walters brother Ludwig in and hid him. In August 1942, Walter heavily suffered from pneumonia and pleurisy. Friedericke found the medical practitioner Dr. Ernst Pick, who was inclined to treat the life-threatening ill Walter without sending him to Hospital.

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