Friedrich Heeren

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Friedrich Heeren
Born (1803-08-11)August 11, 1803
Hamburg Germany
Died May 2, 1885(1885-05-02) (aged 81)
Hanover Germany
Nationality German

Friedrich Heeren ( August 11, 1803 – May 2, 1885) was a German chemist.

He received his doctorate in Göttingen, and from 1831 was an instructor of technological-chemical subjects at the Polytechnic School in Hanover (Höheren Gewerbeschule). Here he taught classes in physics, mineralogy and chemistry.[1]

With technologist Karl Karmarsch (1803-1879), he published a technical dictionary (Technisches Wörterbuch).[2] Also, with Karmarsch, he developed a process for the preparation of gun cotton.[3][4][5]


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