Friedrich Joseph Haass

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Dr. Friedrich Joseph Haass
Portrait of Friedrich Joseph Haass
Native name
Фёдор Петрович Гааз
Born(1780-08-10)August 10, 1780
DiedAugust 28, 1853(1853-08-28) (aged 73)
Grave of Friedrich Joseph Haass on Vvedenskoye Cemetery in Moscow

Dr. Friedrich Joseph Haass (Russian: Фёдор Петрович Гааз, Fyodor Petrovich Gaaz; 10 August 1780 – 28 August [O.S. 16 August] 1853) was the "holy doctor of Moscow".[1][2] Born in Bad Münstereifel, as a member of Moscow's governmental prison committee, he spent 25 years until the end of his life to humanize the penal system.[1] During the last nine years before his death, he spent all of his assets to run a hospital for homeless people. He died in Moscow. Twenty thousand people attended his funeral at the Vvedenskoye Cemetery, which was paid for by the state as he had no more money.[1]

He has a Catholic remembrance day of the 16th of August.[1]

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