Fritz the Cat (soundtrack)

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Fritz the Cat
Fritz the Cat soundtrack.jpg
Soundtrack album by Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin
Released 1972
Recorded November 1971—January 1972
Genre Soul jazz
Length 38:44
Label Fantasy Records
Producer Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin
Ralph Bakshi film soundtrack chronology
Fritz the Cat OST
Heavy Traffic OST

The Fritz the Cat OST is the 1972 soundtrack album to the Ralph Bakshi directed animated film of the same name.[1]

The soundtrack features a number of blues, funk and rock and roll songs as well as the film's score as performed by Ed Bogas and Ray Shanklin.

The album was originally released on Fantasy Records in 1972. It was later re-released in 1996 on compact disc as part of a compilation that featured both the soundtracks to Fritz the Cat and another Ralph Bakshi feature, Heavy Traffic, on the same disc.

Various musical cues and instrumental songs from the film are not featured on the soundtrack and remain unreleased to this day.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. Black Talk (Charles Earland) - 2:28
  2. Duke's Theme (Ray Shanklin) - 5:25
  3. Fritz the Cat (Crumb-Bogas) - 0:55
  4. Mamblues (Cal Tjader) - 3:00
  5. Bo Diddley (Eugene McDaniels) - 2:20
  6. Bertha's Theme (Shanklin) - 4:56
Side two
  1. Winston (Ed Bogas) - 2:18
  2. House Rock (Bogas-Day) - 2:52
  3. The Synagogue (Traditional, arr. Bogas) - 1:11
  4. Yesterdays (Harbach-Kern) - 3:25
  5. Love Light of Mine (Betty Watson) - 2:47
  6. The Riot (Bogas-Saunders) - 3:07
  7. You're The Only Girl (I Ever Really Loved) (Krantz-Bogas-Shanklin) - 3:10