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From Hand to Art (Chinese: "一手造成")
Genre Lifestyle
Written by Liang Jian Heng (梁儉恆)
Presented by Sarah Song, Amigo Choi, Leung Ka Ki
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 18
Producer(s) Zhang Yong Shan (張穎珊)
Production company(s) Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)
Original network TVB Jade
Original release 30 September 2012 – 17 February 2013
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From Hand to Art (Chinese: 一手造成) is a Hong Kong lifestyle television program produced by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). It was created by TVB programme producer Liang Jian Heng 梁儉恆) and Zhang Ying Shan (張穎珊). The programme was first showed on 30 September 2012, and ended on 17 February 2013, on TVB Jade. It was broadcast on every Sunday at 7pm, 30 minutes each. A total of 18 episodes were aired.

From Hand to Art was themed on traditional handicrafts in Hong Kong. It was hosted by TVB artists Sarah Song, Amigo Choi and Leung Ka Ki. In each episode, two hosts visited and interviewed experts of traditional handicrafts such as Shanghai barber Tao and Gao, wooden puppet master Choi, and Qipao tailor Liu. While listening to the stories of old Hong Kong, the hosts learnt how to make the handicrafts.[1][2]

Episode guide[edit]

Episode Date Handicrafts
1. Under The Full Moon (Mid-Autumn Festival special) 30 September 2012 Traditional paper lanterns and piglets shaped pastries[3]
2. In The Mood for Love 7 October 2012 Qipao (Chinese long dress for women)[4]
3. The Art of Shanghai Berbers 14 October 2012 Shanghai style haircut services[5]
4. Heritage 21 October 2012 Bamboo steamers, leather shoes[6]
5. To Draw a Rainbow 28 October 2012 Chinese wooden furniture carving and painting[7]
6. Carve With Care 4 November 2012 Puppet carving and controlling the strings[8]
7. The Puppet Show 11 November 2012 Wood puppet carving and strings controlling [9]
8. Tailor-Made in Hong Kong 18 November 2012 Tailor-made suits, cotton quilts, and bamboo mats sewing[10]
9. Playing with Papers 9 December 2012 Paper tearing, paper cutting, and paper folding[11]
10. Capturing the breeze 16 December 2012 Handmade kites, photo staining [12]
11. the Amazing Shadow Play 23 December 2012 The crops and the techniques of shadow play[13]
12. A Second Life for old treasures 6 January 2013 Sewing clothes, repairing umbrellas and old pots[14]
13. It’s All about Wood 13 January 2013 Wooden carts, Erhu[15]
14. Commemorating Gods and Ancestors 20 January 2013 Sweet dumplings for worship, ancestral tablet carving[16]
15. Hard and Soft Wisdom 27 January 2013 Ferroalloy mailbox forging, stained pottery[17]
16. Flower and Flour 3 February 2013 Chinese style funeral flower baskets, flour dolls[18]
17. Golden Lions in CNY 10 February 2013 Lion heads, face threading[19]
18. The Grand Finale 17 February 2013 Big head, fishery[20]


From Hand to Art received support from audiences and positive reviews in online forums. Online commenters praised the programme as being "meaningful" and they did learn more about local handicrafts.[21] Some said the programme successfully aroused arouse public's interest in traditional handicrafts such as paper crafts, carvings, shadow plays and cheongsam (qipao), while others felt sorry for the sunset of these beautiful arts due to scarce successors.[22] Moreover, audiences admired the lifelong devotion of the art masters to their works. One forum user even asked for the address and contact number of Master Wong, a sewing master featured in episode 12.[23]

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