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FROOTI Logo.svg
TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerParle Agro India Pvt. Ltd.
Country of originIndia India

Frooti is the largest-selling mango flavoured drink in India. It is the flagship product of and the most successful drink offered by Parle Agro India Pvt. Ltd. in India and Parle Agro Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in Nepal. Frooti was launched in 1985 in TetraPak packages. It is also now available in PET bottles and rectangular shaped packs. Frooti is exported to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Mozambique, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Japan, Ireland, etc. Frooti is currently endorsed by Allu Arjun and Alia Bhatt in India.


The drink contains mango pulp, water, sugar, citric acid, ascorbic acid, salt, and approved colouring and flavouring.


Frooti was launched in a green rectangular Tetra Pak as a ready-to-serve mango drink. Although it wasn't the first mango drink, Frooti quickly acquired a large market share. The packaging played a major role behind its success, since it could be carried easily and conveniently. Frooti also provided a refreshing mango taste that translated into a huge demand for itself.

The tagline "Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy", was created by the marketing duo-team of Arun Lahori & GM Menon. In a crisp brief to the then communications agency on the brand, to: "make mango Frooti synonymous with freshness and juiciness". Coined in a flash by creative honcho Bharat Dhabolkar. "Fresh and juicy got to be Frooti". The slogan revitalized the company, helping the brand strengthen and consolidate its position as the undisputed country wide leader of packaged juice drinks.[citation needed]

Over the years the brand has experienced a series of repositioning. From the original tagline "Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy" to "Juice Up your Life". Eventually, the original tagline- "Mango Frooti, Fresh and Juicy" was reinstalled. The present ad campaigns focus on reaffirming Frooti's leading position across India in a confident manner.

Historically, Frooti did not have a brand ambassador, but Bollywood 'king' Shah Rukh Khan currently endorses Frooti. He has shot a TV commercial for the brand with children, which had a Twitter hashtag "#SRKLovesFrooti". The advertisement promotes PET bottles in the ad rather than a Tetra pack which they used to normally show in all their ads till now.

Along with the brand film, the marketing plan includes outdoors, BTL, mall activation, visibility at retail outlets (POP) and a strong digital presence. The first leg of this campaign was launched on social media and as per Kurup in less than a week, its total timeline deliveries amounted to 52 million. It managed to garner over 8 million Twitter handles and a count of 80,000 tweets. Frooti's YouTube channel[1] views increased by 2.5 million and subscribers increased by 600%.The brand has spent 40% more on its marketing this year.[2]


Frooti is offered in size variants: 1 litre (35 imp fl oz; 34 US fl oz), 250 ml (9 imp fl oz; 8 US fl oz) and 200 ml (7 imp fl oz; 7 US fl oz) and 160 ml (6 imp fl oz; 5 US fl oz)Tetra Pak. A consumer study revealed that the consumers needed a recap bottle that didn't exist in the mango drink segment. Parle Agro considered the consumer requirement strongly and launched Frooti in a new hygienic hotfill PET bottle, making it the first mango drink to be offered in the PET bottles. Frooti is now available in various sizes of PET bottles, including 200 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 600 ml, 1.2 l and 2 l. The 2-litre packaging is only done by ParleAgro for Frooti across India. Other brands are available in 2 litre packing with Frooti.


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