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Kyrgyz State Technical University named after Iskhak Razzakov
Исхак Раззаков атындагы Кыргыз Мамлекеттик Техникалык Университети
Latin: Iskhak Razzakov atyndagy Kyrgyz Mamlekettik Tekhnikalyk Universiteti
Type Public
Established 1954
Rector Dr. Prof. Murataly Jamanbaev
Address 66 Mir Avenue, Bishkek 720044, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Campus Urban

The Kyrgyz State Technical University (Kyrgyz: Кыргыз мамлекеттик техникалык университети/Kyrgyz mamlekettik tekhnikalyk universiteti; Russian: Кыргызский государственный технический университет/Kyrgyzskiy gosudarstvenyy tekhnicheskiy universitet) named after Iskhak Razzakov is a university in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Formerly the university was known as the Frunze Polytechnic Institute (Russian: Фрунзенский политехнический институт/Frunzenskiy polytekhnicheskiy institut). It was founded in 1954.[1][2]


Informational Technologies[edit]

  1. Management and information science in technical systems
  2. Computer engineering, computing machinery, complexes, systems and networks
  3. Software system of computing machinery and automated systems
  4. Radio engineering
  5. Designing and technology of radio electronics
  6. Connection networks and communication systems
  7. Radio communication, broadcasting (system) and television

Power Engineering[edit]

  1. Electric stations
  2. Power engineering and networks
  3. Relay protection and automatization of electrical power system
  4. Power Energy supply (in brunches)
  5. Renewable sources of energy
  6. Electro technics (in branches)
  7. Electric drive and automation of industrial plant and technological complexes
  8. Thermoelectric power station
  9. Safety of technological processes and productions

Transport and Machine-construction[edit]

  1. Automobile and automobile industry
  2. Exploitation and service of transport technological machinery and equipment
  3. Organization of transportation and management at transport (by all kinds of vehicle)
  4. Organization and safety of traffic
  5. Technology of machine-constructing
  6. Equipment and technology of welding industry
  7. Constructing and manufacturing products from composite material
  8. Machines and technology for increasing wear resistant and reconstruction of machines and apparatus details
  9. Automation of technological processes and industries (on branches)
  10. Standardization and certification
  11. Metrology and metrological supply
  12. Mechatronics and robotic
  13. Dynamics and machine durability
  14. Professional education
  15. Technology of printing industry

Institute of Management and Business[edit]

  1. Management of organizations
  2. Informational systems and technologies
  3. Journalism
  4. Economics and management of enterprise (in branches)
  5. Business accounting, financial audit and analysis

Technological Faculty[edit]

  1. Technology of sewing production
  2. Technology of leather and fur wear
  3. Design of sewing wear
  4. Technology of leather wear
  5. Designing of leather products
  6. Decorative designing of costume
  7. Technology of catering products
  8. Technology of canned products, food concentrates of barmy products and wine making
  9. Technology of sugary products
  10. Technology of meat and meat products
  11. Technology of milk and milk products
  12. Technology of bread, macaroni and confectionery
  13. Technology of reprocessing and storage of grain
  14. Machines and apparatus of food production
  15. Food engineering of small industries
  16. Standardization and certification of food products
  17. Management (specialization: management and marketing in restaurant and hotel business)
  18. Chemist-researcher, Chemist - ecologist
  19. Protection in emergency situation
  20. Engineering protection of environment

Kyrgyz-German Technical[edit]

  1. Technology, equipment and automation of machine-constructing industries
  2. Technology and management of machine-constructing industry
  3. Transport – telematic logistic

Institute of Mining and Mining Technologies[edit]

Metallurgy and Geo-ecology Department[edit]

  1. Metallurgy of ferrous metal
  2. Metallurgy of non-ferrous metal
  3. Mineral processing
  4. Geo ecology
  5. Environmental protection and racial use of natural resources
  6. Engineering protection of environment
  7. Applied information science in ecology


  1. Blasting operations
  2. Underground workings of mineral deposit
  3. Open mining researches
  4. Mine underground construction
  5. Applied geodesy
  6. Technology and equipment (mining machines and equipment)
  7. Electro technology, electro mechanics, electro technics (electro mechanics of mining industry)

Geological Prospecting Faculty[edit]

  1. Geophysical methods of search and prospecting of mineral deposits
  2. Geological survey of groundwater and engineering-geological investigations
  3. Geology of oil and gas
  4. Applied geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy
  5. Technology and exploration technique of mineral deposits
  6. Applied math and information science
  7. Technology of materials processing
  8. Protection in emergent situations
  9. Nature management

Mining Economy Faculty[edit]

  1. Economics (economics of enterprise in mineral resource industry)
  2. Business accounting, financial audit and analysis (in mineral resource industry)
  3. Management of organization (in mineral resource industry)
  4. Information systems and technologies
  5. Automation systems of information processing and management
  6. Mathematical methods in economics
  7. Applied math and information science

Department of Vocational Education[edit]

  1. Designing and modeling of sewing products
  2. Designing and modeling of fur products
  3. Technical service and repairing of electronics
  4. Hairdressing craft

Moscow Power Energy Institute (TU)[edit]

  1. Electrical networks and systems
  2. Electrical supply
  3. Automatic control and informatics of technical systems
  4. Radio techniques
  5. Computing machinery, complexes and networks[3]

Notable alumni and faculty[edit]


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