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Fuck the Facts discography
FTF live 2007.jpg
Fuck the Facts performing live in 2007.
Studio albums 9
Live albums 2
Compilation albums 2
Video albums 1
Music videos 5
EPs 4
Splits 37
Promos 4
Other appearances 94

This is a discography of Canadian grindcore band Fuck the Facts.

Studio albums[edit]

It is debatable which is the "first" Fuck the Facts full length album. At different times, the band has referred to both the self-titled tape, and the Discoing the Dead CD-R as the first.[1] Their older website states that the self-titled release is the first recording.[2] This discrepancy is most likely because Discoing the Dead was the first Fuck the Facts release (including the splits released at that time) not on cassette. Additionally, Escunta was released almost a year and a half after it was recorded. Its style is more noise oriented (like Vagina Dancer) and it sometimes gets forgotten in discography lists by sites not affiliated with the band.[3]

The list below reflects that all of these releases were considered the equivalent of "full length albums" at the time of their release,[4][5] and were (and still are) considered official releases by the band.[6]

Live albums[edit]

Compilation albums[edit]

Extended plays[edit]

Video albums[edit]

Music videos[edit]

  • 2005: "Medicated Like a Motherfucker" (created by Topon Das)
  • 2005: "Roach"[8]
  • 2006: "The Wreaking"[9]
  • 2006: "The Sound Of Your Smashed Head" (directed by David Hall)[10]
  • 2010: "Wake" (directed by Michael Panduro for Siegfried Productions)[11]


Early in their career, the main avenue for releasing music was in the form of splits with other bands on small, do-it-yourself labels. This trend is shown by the amount of splits released between 2000 and 2003, compared with the relatively fewer splits released between 2004 and 2008.


Most of these releases were given out free at concerts to show fans upcoming music from the band.

  • 2002: Bastardizing Canada: Summer 2002 Tour (contains 2 unmastered tracks from the upcoming Backstabber Etiquette, one noise track and one live recording)
  • 2002: Winter 2002 Tour EP (contains 4 songs taken from the upcoming split with Sylvester Staline)
  • 2003: Promo 2003 (contains 2 tracks taken from the upcoming split CD with Feeble Minded and 2 tracks taken from Backstabber Etiquette)
  • 2004: Promo Winter 2004 (contains 2 tracks from the split with Sergeant Slaughter and 2 tracks from the split with Feeble Minded)

Other appearances[edit]

Over the years, Fuck the Facts has made appearances on many compilations, zine samplers, tribute albums and other releases. Many of the release dates are unknown, so they are organized alphabetically below. In some cases, very little information is available, and only a compilations existence is known. Information is included where available.

Compilation appearances[edit]

Title Label Release date Format Tracks included
11e Festival De l'Art Underground 2001 P.S.I. September 2002 CD "Whisper Dependency (live)"
Addicted to Chaos #1 ATC Productions 2003 CD "The Burning Side"
All Systems Grind! Volume Two Own Control Records 2005 CD "23-17-41"
"Ballet Addict"
Anomalous Silencer #5 Napalmed 2001 CD "Needle Through Thread"
Anomalous Silencer No. 6 Napalmed 2003 CD "The Transformation"
As We Storm Canada 7.1[13] Storm Canada October 1, 2007 CD-ROM "The Wrecking"
As We Storm Canada 9.2[13] Storm Canada September 1, 2009 CD-ROM "The Storm"
Be Prepared to Lose Everything Dedfuk Records 1999 Cassette "Deal With It"
Birds of Prey Mandarangan Recordings 2000 2xCD-R "Crawl The Spine"
The Black Plague Society Mandarangan Recordings May 2003 2xCD-R "Revenge Tactics II"
Buckets of Blood Vol.2 Bloodbucket Productions "Leper Accountant"
Calling All Reactive Agents Volume #1 Anima Mal Nata CD-R "Untitled"
Clinical Extractions Vol. I Unmatched Brutality 2005 CD "Ballet Addict"
CM Distro Winter Sampler CM Distro 2005 CD "Second Hand Skin"
Crush the World Mortuary Khage Productions "Disease in Friction"
Crush Your Canadian Idols Capital Kill Productions 2006 CD "Horizon"
The Cyber Killers Fecal-Matter Discorporated 2005 CD-R "Whisper Dependency (Video Game Version)"
Death by Noise!!! Mandarangan Recordings 2001 2xCD-R "Necrotechno / Nice To Beat You" (one track)
Dirt Cult Mix Tape!! Volume #1 Dirt Cult Records June 26, 2008[14] Cassette "Ventriloquist"
The Disharmony Scene Slaughter House Productions June 2003[15] CD-R
Dissenting Adults Manufacturing Dissent September 2002[15]
Dreadnaught Compilation[16] N:C:U 2003 Cassette "The Burning Side"
Eighteen Years Without Sleep Mandarangan Recordings August 2000 Cassette "Necrotekno"
"Nice To Beat You"
"Crawl The Spine"
Extreme Rock 'n' Roll Star Vol. 1 Unite Bleeding Tapes 2001 Cassette "The Meat People" (mislabeled as "Sissy Master")[17]
Extreme Rock 'n' Roll Star Vol. 2 Unite Bleeding Tapes Cassette
Fertilization of the Ovum Bear Walking 2002 CD-R/Cassette "Whiskey Shot"
Goreland Black Hole Productions CD "The Burning Side"
Great White North 2K5 Great White North Records 2005 CD "Ballet Addict"
Grind or Be Grinded! Jedi Govna Tapes January 2001 CD-R/Cassette "Destined for Disaster"[18]
The Hellish Arts of Perversion The Flaming Arts CD "All Hands on Deck"
Don't Call My Slammin' Outfit Cool, Whitebread"
Infernos... 1 Gravesite Productions May 29, 2002 Cassette "Whisper Dependency"
Infinite Paradox 2 Fusion Audio Recordings 2001 "Merdarahta"
"Scrotum Helmut"
The International Heavy Metal Box Set[19] Meat Head Records Box set
It's Not Rape If It's Dead Slut Factory Records CD-R
Keep Pushing the Underground Volume Five[20] Westmont Metal Records October 2, 200? CD
Kick 'Em While They're Down Volume 2 Goblin Records April 2003[15] CD
Killed by Canada Fans of Bad Productions October 27, 2006 2xCD "Horizon (live)"
Malignant Defecation Vol. 2 Abhorrent Creation Tapes Cassette Struggle to Escape
Malignant Defecation Vol. 3 Abhorrent Creation Tapes Cassette "Glass Eye"[17]
Noise Conglamorate Anti-Everything CD "Wake Up Call"[17]
Noise for Deaf Vol. 3 Rottenness Records CD
Noise for Deaf Vol. 4 Rottenness Records CD
The Only Good Human Being Is A Dead One Dedfuk Records 1998 Cassette "Skull Drudgery"
Ottawa vs. the World Crustie Jo April 2002 Cassette "Scrotum Helmut"
Phantasmata Vol. 1 Phantasmata Productions 2002[21] CD-R "23-17-41"[21]
Process Putrefaction Jedi Govna Tapes CD-R

Process Putrefaction

Profusion Volume 2 Prodisk 2006 CD "Another Living Night"
Ravendance Mortuary Khage Productions September 2000 Cassette "Give Up"[17]
Relapse Sampler 2006 Relapse Records 2006 CD "The Wrecking"
Rise of the Robots Ghetto Blaster Recordings August 2001 CD-R "132 and the Evil Jesus"
Same Shit Another Name Vol. 1 Scrotum Records 1999[22] Cassette "Revenge Tactics"
Sound of Murder Ghetto Blaster Recordings June 2002[15] CD-R
Sound of Murder II Ghetto Blaster Recordings 2003 CD-R
Sound Power Station Empty Chairs 2001[23] Cassette
Squid Sperm Compilation Tape Kinetic Sleaze 2000/2001 Cassette "Vaginal Tears"
"Vagina vs. Machine"
Squid Sperm: Etiquette Boutique Kinetic Sleaze
Symbolic Degeneration Symbolic Productions August 15, 2001 CD-R "123-223"
Tapes Have More Personality Scrotum Records 2000 Cassette "Audio Trauma"
Torture at the Speed of Sound 6: Decayed Souls Self Destruction Records May 2001 Cassette "A Dream Inked in Murder"
Trois-Rivières Metalfest 2003 Galy Records 2003 CD "Second Hand Skin"[24]
Trois-Rivières Metalfest 2007[25] Galy Records 2007 CD "Medicated Like a Motherfucker"
The Tyranny Of Noise Violet Produkt 1999 Cassette "Snitchas"
The Ultimate Onslaught Vol. 1 Fecal-Matter Discorporated 2003[26] CD-R "Whisper Dependancy"
Underground Series 1 Meat 5000 Records 2006 CD "Le Tete Hors De L'eau"
Unknown Title[17] Empty Chairs LP "Sex with Angels"
"Whiskey Shot"
Unknown Title Fusion Audio Recordings 2001 "Calcutta Cab Ride Parts 1-3"
Unknown Title Gore Cult Productions 7" vinyl "Packin' Forties"
Unknown Title[17] Riotous Assembly Records 2000/2001 CD "Ninja Sweater"
Unknown Title[17] Sick Noise 2000/2001 2xCD "Hellbent Disco King"
"The Give And Take"
"Take Shit, Give Shit"
Unknown Title[17] Unknown label out of the Czech Republic "Crumbs"
Welcome to Hell: Benefit for Food Not Bombs Ireland Protest Records CD "The Burning Side"
World Compilation Negative Federal Fund Records 2006 CD "Taken from the Nest"
Worldwide Violence Zas! Autoproduzioni October 2002 7" vinyl "Disease in Friction"


Title Label Release date Format Tracks included
1985 Tribute Impaler Records CD "Proud to Be a Canadian" (Dayglo Abortions cover)
Godflesh: Tribute Nihilistic Holocaust CD-R "Devastator"
Slayer Tribute Necroblasting Entertainment "Necrophilliac"
Together As One: A Tribute to Death Mondongo Canibale Records 2003-02-18 CD "Empty Words"
The Tribute to Unholy Grave My Lai Productions 3" CD-R "Confession"

Magazine compilations[edit]

Title Label Release date Format Tracks included
American Waste Bad People Records 2002-04 CD "Lack of Imagination
Ancient Ceremonies Vol. 2 Ancient Ceremonies Magazine CD "Slave"
Ancient Ceremonies Vol. 3 Ancient Ceremonies Magazine 2001 CD "Sissy Master"
Armed Forces Vol. 1 Ad Arma! Magazine 2001-07 CD "Roach"
Beloved Apocalypse Vampiria Magazine 2002-09 CD "Released"
Black Hole Vol. 1 Black Hole Magazine 2001-04 CD "Dead Red"
"Lack of Imagination"
Golden Lakes Productions Issue #2 Golden Lake CD
IBOL Records (Mag) (A) (Zine) 2 IBOL Records 2001-10[27] CD-R "Calcutta Cab Ride Part 2"
Legacy 03/08 Legacy Magazine 2008-02 CD "State of Panic"
Metallian Sampler N°37 Metallian Editions 2005 CD "This Means Nothing"
My Kingdom Vampiria Magazine 2001-08 CD "Roach"
Oskorei Magazine #5 Oskorei Magazine 2000-09 CD "The Meat People"
Shrouded in Silence III The UnderGrowth 2009-05 Digital "La Culture Du Faux"
Static Exemplar #13 Vol. #2 Static Zine 2001 CD-R "Sell Out! Sell Out! Sold"
"The Gift Of Shit"
"Swallow Up"
Your Sex Is My Drug #6 Your Sex Is My Drug Zine


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